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Proper Elimination & Regular Bowel Movements
Detox & cleanse. Feel fresh & energetic every morning with our most beautiful combination of Triphala herbs along with Fennel & Rose.


  • TRIPHALA MAX is helpful in removing intestinal toxins.
  • Regularizing Bowel movements.
  • Maintaining the healthy intestinal Flora.
  • Act as a non-habit-forming Safe Herbal Laxative.
  • Hemorrhoids/Piles and Anal fissures.

TRIPHALA HERBS and 2 other prominent Ayurveda herbs.

Bottle Pack of 60 Tablets – 60 gm in one box, 1000 mg Each Tablet

Take 1-2 tablets at bedtime with warm water.

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Triphala Max According to Ayurveda Physiology: work on Doshas Mainly on Apana Vata, Pachaka Pitta and Kledaka Kapha. Supportive action on Samana Vata, Vyana Vata and Alochaka Pitta. It also works on Dhatus and cleanses Mala of Rasa and Rakta Dhatus.
Triphala also works on Shrotas that Improve the physiological function of Purishvah-shrotas and Koshtha-Shodhan which cleanses toxins from the Intestine, Regularize Bowel Movement and Ensures proper elimination.

Haritaki promotes regular peristaltic movements of intestine & cleanses at the deepest organic levels without depleting the body's reserves. It has been used for centuries for its Rasayana and gastric emptying qualities. It detoxifies the gastric mucosa and enhances its normal movements.

Rose petals are mild laxative, pita pacifying and soothing for intestine, so it has advantage over other drastic and stimulating purgatives.

Fennel shows antispasmodic property and reduces bloating. Fennel acts as an adjuvant in Triphala. Fennel has an excellent effect on digestive system & helps control nausea, vomiting, indigestion, pain in abdomen and flatulence.

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