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The word “BLISS” means a state of Heavenly & Spiritual joy or extreme happiness. To bring this joy and happiness all over the world “BLISS AYURVEDA PRIVATE LIMITED” came into existence in 2006 with its main aim to make a difference in individual’s life through the knowledge of Ayurveda, making it Healthy & Blissful, covering all the three aspects of health – Body, Mind & Consciousness.

Bliss Ayurveda India is a Part of Bliss Ayurveda an ISO and w-GMP-certified international organization based in New Delhi, India, involved in the manufacturing and export of herbal food supplements and Ayurvedic medicines.


Bliss Ayurveda with an international presence demonstrates stability, growth, and ample industry experience. Bliss Ayurveda products are available and sold in 30+ Countries.

Bliss Ayurveda products are formally registered by the Ministry of Health or competent authorities on Herbal Food Supplements in India, Russia, Italy, Norway, Germany, Ukraine and Russia CIS & European Union. This proves our expertise in designing product formulations according to the Laws and quality control regulations of respective countries. You can avail our therapeutic range of products now in India.


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