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Helpful in Cough and Respiratory Health
Keep lungs strong & Healthy with PULMO VEDA. It helps in reducing the inflammation of the respiratory track.


  • PULMO VEDA is quick acting on Sore Throat, Irritation in the Throat and Cough.
  • Helps ease the Breathing Mechanism.
  • Helpful in Asthma and Bronchitis.
  • Mobilizes phlegm and facilitates expectoration.
  • Good support for Speakers, Singers and Smokers.

Adhatoda vasica, Inula helenium, Clerodendrum serratum, and 7 other prominent Ayurveda herbs.

Bottle Pack of 60 Tablets – 60 gm in one box, 1000 mg Each Tablet

Take 1 tablet morning and evening with warm water.



Adhatoda vasica is mentioned as the main herbs in Ayurveda for respiratory problems. It helps dilate bronchioles and eases respiration mechanism. It relieves the attack of asthma due to its antispasmodic action on bronchioles. Its anti-histaminic property helps in allergic respiratory disorders.

Pushkarmool as one of the best herbs for Cough, Asthma and Bronchial Problems. Its helps liquefy thickened sputum and expel it out very efficiently and easily. It relives the attack of asthma due to its antispasmodic action on bronchioles.

Ayurveda recognizes Bharangi as one of the best herbs in Allergic cough. It has anti histaminic property and helps in allergic respiratory problems.

Kaiphal is Kapha pacifying herb which is helpful for cough, upper respiratory infections, bronchitis and pneumonia. It helps mobilize mucus in bronchitis and asthma.

It acts as an expectorant and eases the paroxysm of cough in children suffering from whooping cough and bronchitis. Alpinia galanga is particularly beneficial in bronchial asthma and chronic bronchitis.

The anti-inflammatory action of Licorice (due to cortisol like effect) assists the body to deal with the inflammation that often accompanies infections of the respiratory tract.

It helps liquefy and burns away the Ama (toxins). Trikatu herbs have anti-allergic and anti-bacterial property and useful in respiratory infection, asthma, allergic bronchitis.

It is a good anti-infective agent, useful in relieving cough and cold, nasal congestion and has soothing effect over airway passage.

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