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A True fusion of the Ancient and Modern
You can be confident that you are getting the very best in Herbal formulations

High-Quality Products

Provide High-Quality Herbal Products passed through rigorous standardization, research and lab tests for the well-being of our consumers all over the world. Our herbal formulas represent the authentic wisdom from the ancient Ayurvedic texts, complemented by modern scientific research and leading-edge technologies in manufacturing and quality control. 

Effective Products

The Tablet size of 1000 mg is kept providing optimum dosage of Herbs according to classical Ayurveda texts instead of inadequate dose. This makes Bliss Ayurveda products quick acting and effective.

Wide range of Products

Bliss Ayurveda has a wide range of products who take care of whole aspect of Health. We have Herbal Tablets, Herbal Oil, Herbal Syrup, Herbal Paste, Herbal Candy, Softgel, Herbal Face Pack etc. For more details you can visit at


As an Ayurvedic Online Store, and a good company we offer extensive Support through our Internationally acclaimed Vaidya’s, Online Consultation, Personalized Advice, and instant support on WhatsApp and a Call so your concerns will be addressed effectively.

Wellness Services

Bliss Ayurveda India has a Worldclass In-Residence Panchkarma Clinic with an Ayurveda Research & Training Institute, Fitness Centre, Yoga & Meditation Hall, Swimming Pool, and Ayurveda Cafe, all in one building nick-named “BLISS AYURVEDA HEALTH VILLAGE.”

Business Opportunity

Bliss Ayurveda India ensures your Success at every step of the way. You can become a Bliss Ayurveda Health Ambassador by the joining our Affiliate Marketing program. For more details click now.


Don't forget to take the "Herbs of BLISS"

Definitely the synergetic and powerful combination of organic and wild forest herbs acquired from "Nature's Pharmacy" when created with the ancient knowledge of the Vaidyas written in the text for thousands of years No one can challenge the beauty and benefits of the same.


You are the BLISS

A positive attitude and a high degree of emotional awareness are the ones that no one can snatch from you. The approach to handle the challenges and to enjoy the happiness in living every second of life is what can make you feel “Bliss”.


Follow your BLISS

Do meditation and yoga, soak up the sun, eat a healthy and balanced diet, get enough sleep, and avoid stress, alcohol, and tobacco. Follow the routine, and Bliss will follow you along. Nurturing friendship and a feeling of gratitude, forgiveness, and forgetting brings you "Emotional Bliss”.


Do things that bring you BLISS

Do what you love to do until your dying day. You could even be making the money passionately as an entrepreneur or playing the music endlessly. One can even find pleasure in doing routine tasks. Even religious rituals keep humans busy, active, and stress-free.


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