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Promotes Natural Strength, Stamina & Vitality
The most powerful formula for a Health minded man. Not only helps in lifting up the libido or the reproductive health but also empowers the brain & heart to work to its full potential.


  • PAURUSH GARD is a Rasayana for men that strengthens the entire body and improves Vitality and Energy
  • Enhances Fertility by improving the quality of Semen & Sperm
  • Helpful in Muscle and Body Building
  • Helpful in Erectile Dysfunction

Mucuna pruriens, Withania somnifera, Shilajeet, Yohimbine and 7 other prominent Ayurveda herbs and Minerals.

Bottle Pack of 30 Tablets – 30 gm in one box, 1000 mg Each Tablet

Take 1 tablet morning and evening with warm water.



An effective and absolutely safe herbal-mineral complex without side effects for the body of a man.

Musli is considered one of the best herbs to promote muscle mass and a fit body and is often used by sports persons to enhance Stamina and Power. Kali Musli is considered as Black Gold while Safed Musli is gaining acceptance as an Indian Herbal Viagra, a natural alternative to Viagra without any side effects. Pausush Gard is a unique combination of Safed Musli and Kali Musli that makes it highly effective for uplifting the entire energy level.

Shilajeet means destroyer of weakness. It is a well-known source of quick Energy & Vitality.

Kaunch and Javitri are well-known herbs that can help our nervous and reproductive systems. It aids in lowering early ejaculation, and anxiety during arousal, and increases semen quality.

Yohimbe is a unique herb utilised for sexual disorders that can be found in wild sources in Africa. It works well to increase the gentile’s size.

Gold has been used for centuries to promote Men’s inner health. Its Bhasma is prepared by applying modern technology under the guidance of traditional Ayurveda knowledge to make it easily absorbable and completely toxin-free. It is used in very small amounts as a catalyst for rejuvenation.

Ashwagandha is an important Vrishya Herb- A powerful Aphrodisiac used in Ayurveda. Ashwagandha is famous for increasing mental and physical strength and stamina like that of a horse.

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