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Marma chikitsa or Marma Therapy is an important method of Ayurvedic treatment for many health issues. At marma sites toxins, stress, negative emotions get stored slowly due to our hectic life style. That causes blockage of energy flow result in pain, blockage and swelling in these marma sites. Ayurveda treats marma with various methods to make continuous flow of energy.

The literal meaning of word Marma word is tender, secrete or vital places. Marma is a Sanskrit term for sensitive or vulnerable points on the body. Marma points are positions on the body where muscles, veins, arteries, nerves, tendon, bones and joints meet. They are the junctions where Vata, Pitta and Kapha meet, where Sattva, Rajas and Tamas meet in a unique concentration. The marma points are of great importance to a person’s body, mind and spirit. These are nerve junctures usually close to the skin surface. Some marma points, when injured, simply hurt. Others, when injured, become life threatening.

Basic Classification

Traditionally marma points are grouped into 3 categories according to region of the body:

Present in extremities i.e. Legs and feet- 44


Present in Trunk i.e. Chest, Abdomen & Back-26

Head massage

Present in Head and Neck Region-37


Massage & Energy Methods

Abhyanga or Massage – Using various forms of pressure or movement with the hands or other body parts like feet or elbow. This is aided by applying Ayurvedic Medicated Herbal Oils. So it  is not only massage but also includes Oil Therapy. Some Ayurvedic Massages also use dry Powder.

Aroma Therapy – It is a of Massage or Abhyanga done using aromatic oils like Sandalwood or Camphor on Marmas.

Mardana or Acupressure – It is the application of strong pressure on particular marma which may be accompanied by oil massage or Aroma Therapy.

Pranic or Energy Healing – It is a process of directing Pranas either at a distance or through therapeutic touch, which may or may not be accompanied by oil massage or Aroma Therapy.

Herbal Methods

Lepa or Applying Herbal Paste – It is a method of using herbal pastes like Sandalwood, turmeric and ginger or various other ointments on the marmas.

Herbal Treatment – It is a process of taking herbs internally in the form of pills and decoctions as well as applying them on marmas externally in the form of Poultices.

Use of Instruments

Sira Vedha (Vessel Piercing) or Blood Letting – It is a process of piercing or Vedha of veins or vessels (sira), particularly bloodletting or bleeding of Marma points.

Eighteen Yogic Marma Regions

  • The toes-Kshipra marma
  • The ankles- Gulpha marma
  • The middle of the calf-Indrabasti marma
  • The root of the knee
  • The center of the knee-Janu marma
  • The middle of the thigh-Urvi marma
  • The anus-Guda marma
  • The middle of the hip-Kukundara marmas
  • The root of the urethra-Vitapa marma
  • The navel-Nabhi marma
  • The center of the heart-Hridaya marma
  • The base of the throat-Nila marma
  • The root of the tongue-Shringataka marma
  • The root of the nose-Phana marma
  • The center of the eyes-Apanga marma
  • The middle of the brows-Sthapani marma
  • The center of the forehead
  • The top of the head-Adhipati marma

Yoga Postures (Asana) & Effect on Marma

The yogic postures give a positive effect on health affects the body and mind by the stimulation of marma. By stretch, pressure, vibration and rhythmic movement during yogic postures the activity of marma get affected. It also affects the functioning of the organ related to the particular marma. All the yogic postures in which the body is moved forward and backward affect the marma of abdomen, chest and back. These marma can be stimulated and energized by regular practice of yoga and pranayama.

Some Home Remedies

  • Hing (Asafoetida) dissolved in water is used as carminative over NABHI MARMA. It relieves distension, cramps and bloating. Very commonly used in kids.
  • Herbal paste of spicy herbs Ginger, Nutmeg and cloves can be applied for Headache, Nasal congestion and Sinusitis over mamar of head (Sthapani, Shankha and Phana).
  • For pain, stiffness, injury to bone, joints and muscles Nirgundi, Rasna and Hadjod (Cissus quadrangular is) paste or oil is very effective.
  • Jatyadi tail works wonderful in healing on wounds. (Jasmine is chief ingredient).
  • Sandalwood paste is used for cooling and stress relieving action on forehead marmas like sthapani.
  • Ghee (Clarified butter)is used for healing burn ,rashes and inflammation.
  • Pure Honey works as natural antiseptic when used as paste over burns and wounds.
  • Paste of Aloe vera and Turmeric are helpful in healing injury, inflammation and burns etc.