Manufacturing and Export of Herbal Food supplements & Ayurveda medicines.

The word “BLISS” means a state of heavenly & spiritual joy or extreme happiness. To bring this joy and happiness all over the world “BLISS AYURVEDA INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED” came into existence in 2006 with its main aim to make a difference in individual’s life through the knowledge of Ayurveda, making it Healthy & Blissful, covering all the three aspects of health – Body, Mind & Consciousness.

A True fusion of the Ancient and Modern

Bliss Ayurveda is an international organization based in New Delhi India, involved in Manufacturing and Export of Herbal Food supplements & Ayurveda medicines.

Bliss Ayurveda India


Bliss Ayurveda is also extensively involved in promoting the knowledge of Ayurveda by organizing Seminars, Health and Wellness consultations and other awareness programs all over the World.


Our Mission

To develop a team of dedicated persons including Vaidyas (Ayurveda Doctors), Health professionals, distributors etc. who are willing to fulfill our vision and ready to spread this beautiful knowledge of Ayurveda all over the world.


Our Vision

“Applying the Ancient knowledge of Ayurveda in modern context & conveying its potent healing potential to improve the quality of health & life of an individual and the society in general.”

Goals Of Bliss Ayurveda

  1. 1
    Quality Herbal Products

    To provide high quality Herbal Products passed through rigorous standardization, researches and lab tests for the well being of our consumers all over the world.

  2. 2
    knowledge of Ayurveda

    Bliss Ayurveda India will conduct Ayurveda Courses for promoting the knowledge of Ayurveda, to train people into Ayurveda massage, Panchakarma therapy and other advance courses of Ayurveda.

  3. 3
    Personalized Ayurveda Consultation

    To help people by providing personalized Ayurveda Consultation along with pulse reading, herbal supplements, dietary and lifestyle advice.

  4. 4
    Ayurveda Wellness Centers

    Bliss Ayurveda India aims to open Panchkarma Clinics and Ayurveda Wellness Centers all over the world and thus helping people getting the benefits of Ayurveda.

  5. 5
    Central Knowledge Server

    To become a Central Knowledge Server and Sourcing Station known for standardized cultivation, harvesting at source for the benefit of manufacturers. We firmly believe that we are well ahead of the Industry Standards in all of these areas and we intend to stay ahead.

At a Glance

Bliss Ayurveda India products are formally registered by Ministry of Health and competent authorities on Herbal Food Supplements in Italy, Norway, Germany, Ukraine and Russia. This proves our expertise in designing product formulations according to the Laws and quality control regulations of respective countries.

Mission of Bliss Ayurveda India is to Help healthy people to maintain and promote their health i.e. “Swasthasya swasthya rakshanam” and to manage imbalances and disorders following the principles of Ayurveda i.e. “Aturasya vikar prashamanam cha”.

The herbal formulas of Bliss Ayurveda India, represent the authentic wisdom from the ancient Ayurvedic texts, complemented by modern scientific research and leading edge technologies in manufacturing and quality control. You can be confident that getting very best in herbal formulations.