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AMLA BERRY SWEET - Bliss Ayurveda India


Healthy bite with fun- Nutritious substitutes for Chocolates

Nourishing food, Rich in vitamin C with sweet and sour taste.It is a Healthy and Delicious Food for all age group Provides all rejuvenating benefits of Amla It is soft & juicy with mouth watering Sweet and Sour taste Healthy bite with fun- nutritious substitutes for chocolates Bliss Amla Berry – Sweet has added natural flours of Cardamom that makes it more palatable and yummy

It is a Healthy and delicious food for all age groups. Nourishing food, Rich in vitamin C with sweet and sour taste.

Jar of 500 gm Packing

It is a healthy nutritious food and can be eaten like a healthy snack.

Phyllanthus emblica; Elletaria cardamomum & Saccharum officinarum

Phyllanthus Emblica
Elletaria Cardamomum
Elletaria Cardamomum
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