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Your Earning Potential with Bliss Ayurveda India

Retail Profit: (20%) It is the direct saving that a person receives upon purchase of products after becoming a member of Bliss Ayurveda India. Above all, you are entitled to it for entire lifetime.

Personal Bonus: (Up to 36%) It is the saving on your own purchases in addition to Retail profit of 20%. It increases gradually as you move up in the hierarchy of Bliss Ayurveda Indian marketing plan.

Direct Bonus: (Up to 36%) Direct Bonus is earned by you on the purchase of persons who are your immediate downline members. It increases up to 36% as you move up and get promoted.

Network Commission: (Total 36%) We distribute total network commission of 36%. Its percentage depends upon your level in Bliss Ayurveda India marketing plan and your Cumulative PV in any given month.

Special Promotions, Bonuses & Incentives
Up to 15% are also Waiting for you!

Special Promotions, Bonuses & Incentives :
Up to 15%

  • Leadership Bonus
  • Travel & Seminar Incentive
  • Special Gifts
  • Health coupons
  • Foreign Trips
  • Car Fund