Joining is completely “FREE” : There is no cost to join Bliss Ayurveda India Business.

Bliss Ayurveda’s Marketing plan is simple and very effective for people. We give Retail Discount, Direct Bonus, Personal Bonus, Network commission and other Promotional bonuses.
Our plan provides maximum distribution in comparison with other companies. All these, make our plan very lucrative for our distributors.

Bliss Ayurveda India Ensures Your Success at Every Step of the Way

Any consumer who is not satisfied with the products purchased can return the same to the seller and secure full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase.
Goods returned must be in sealed condition and merchandisable quality.

Distribution Details

Retail Profit: (20%) It is the direct saving that a person receives upon purchase of products after becoming a member of Bliss Ayurveda India. Above all, you are entitled to it for entire lifetime.

Personal Bonus: (Up to 36%) It is the saving on your own purchases in addition to Retail profit of 20%. It increases gradually as you move up in the hierarchy of Bliss Ayurveda Indian marketing plan.

Direct Bonus: (Up to 36%) Direct Bonus is earned by you on the purchase of persons who are your immediate downline members. It increases up to 36% as you move up and get promoted.

Network Commission: (Total 36%) We distribute total network commission of 36%. Its percentage depends upon your level in Bliss Ayurveda India marketing plan and your Cumulative PV in any given month. Special Promotions, Bonuses & Incentives Up to 15% are also Waiting for you!

“Our plan is simple & very effective for you. Follow our Steps to Success & help others follow it too. And before you know it, you’ll have more bonuses coming in than you can keep track of.”